Evelyne's sketches & drawings

Evelyne's sketches & drawings

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Anonymous asked: You are amazing at what you do. I love the stuff on your blog, it's so cute!

Thank you very, very much, sweet anon!

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Anonymous asked: Hey there! I was just curious if you've taken any professional art classes. I was also wondering if you could reccomend some techniques or resources that could help me understand coloring better. I am pretty good at sketching but have a hard time going beyond flat colors. Shading, lighting, and values give me some trouble. How do you select your colors? Thanks!

Hey you! I’m very, very sorry for the late reply!

I’ve never taken any (professional) art classes. And that’s maybe why I have trouble with choosing colors as well! But searching on Pinterest helps me a lot. I search for color combinations, color schemes… etc. And about shading, what I do, but there are tons of other ways, is giving the shades (on another layer in photoshop) an extra dark color. After that I change the value of it, so it kinda mixes with the other colors and at the same time it gives a nice shade. With lightening I do the same, but then I color it extra light. Oh yes, with photoshop you can change the color balance in your work so it gets for example a warmer look (youtube has some tutorials). In my opinion the different colors in my work fit more with each other when I change the color balance a bit. Hope this helps!

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Anonymous asked: May I inquire about your technique? Do you prefer digital or traditional mediums? And when you do a piece in PS, do you draw right in the program or do you have a sketch that you color over (do you maybe use the lasso or pent tool)? I am in awe of your lineless style and have been simply staring at it and trying to figure it out. XD I love the brushes you use- the chalky/crayon textures are lovely. Thanks so much! Have a lovely day.

Hello dear Anon, thank you for the very, very kind words! 

Now about your questions. At the moment I prefer to colour digitally, because I feel more confident that way. I really want to be more confident in traditional drawing too, though (and I just like to paint), so that’s why I sometimes try to paint something. However, sketching is something I prefer to do the traditional way. 

When I colour in PS, I most of the time use a sketch I scanned in, but I sketch in PS too. After that I colour it over. Sometimes I just start to colour right away, without a sketch, but not quite often. To be honest, I have no clue how to use the lasso/pen tool!

Is this the information you need? Have a lovely day too!