Evelyne's sketches & drawings

Evelyne's sketches & drawings

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Anonymous asked: May I inquire about your technique? Do you prefer digital or traditional mediums? And when you do a piece in PS, do you draw right in the program or do you have a sketch that you color over (do you maybe use the lasso or pent tool)? I am in awe of your lineless style and have been simply staring at it and trying to figure it out. XD I love the brushes you use- the chalky/crayon textures are lovely. Thanks so much! Have a lovely day.

Hello dear Anon, thank you for the very, very kind words! 

Now about your questions. At the moment I prefer to colour digitally, because I feel more confident that way. I really want to be more confident in traditional drawing too, though (and I just like to paint), so that’s why I sometimes try to paint something. However, sketching is something I prefer to do the traditional way. 

When I colour in PS, I most of the time use a sketch I scanned in, but I sketch in PS too. After that I colour it over. Sometimes I just start to colour right away, without a sketch, but not quite often. To be honest, I have no clue how to use the lasso/pen tool!

Is this the information you need? Have a lovely day too!